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A support group for young mums under 20.
Our Health Visitor, Midwife & Family Support Worker offer support both before and after birth.
Come along to meet other young mums in a relaxed environment. Spend time with our staff discussing topics of interest and gaining new skills for you and your child.
You do not have to be within the SureStart area to come along to Young Mums.


A support group meeting each month.
Our Health Team comes along to provide support and guidance and a crèche is provided for older children.
Come along to meet other breastfeeding mums.
This group is open to all breastfeeding mums in the wider Carrickfergus area.


Family Guys is just for the men. Sure Start isn’t just for mums!!
Family Guys is held each month.
Come along to meet other dads.
You can be a dad, step-dad, uncle, granddad or partner of a child’s mother.

Relax and have fun with your child and enjoy a breakfast bap together.


Are you parenting alone? Does this mean you find it difficult to find time for yourself? If so, then come along and meet other parents, spend time with our Family Support and Health Team. Share a meal together and take some time out for yourself. It will take place ont he 1st Wednesday of each month, 4-5.30 pm. A creche is provided. (This group has replaced Young Mums so all young mums are welcome)